Tuesdays with Morrie tells the story of the a College professor and his student from over 20 years ago to have their final lesson. Their final lesson is the subject of death. 20 years ago Morrie was diagnosed with cancer. As he told many of his students as they left the university many weeped and promised to kept in touch, how ever these promises were forgotten. Fast forward 20 years to find a former student of Morrie Mitch Albom. Mitch has now found himself a wife and works as a sports writer. Mitch was sitting on his couch scrowling through the channels aimlessly until he stopped as he heard a name which he hasn’t heard in 20 years. There in front of him sat his old college professor on Nightline. After this expirience Morrie traveled out to MAssachutes from his town of michigan to see his old professor. Still stricken with Als Morrie and Mitch picked off just like they had. As Mitch left however they decided to make this a weekly thing because they were “Tuesday people.”  Every tuesday  Morrie would fly from his home Michigan up to Massachutets picks up some of Morries favourite food and vists his old proffessors house with a microphone to record this tuesdays conversation. As Morrie is on his last legs of life they speak about topics such as death forgiveness passion. As morrie has expressed his journey to death many people have been wanting to speak to him. He has held a living funeral in his life after one of his friends had passed away and to have seen all the weeping faces that people expressed. He wondered to himself “why did people not tell this to him when he was alive, why is it a death causes people to express their true feelings.” Morrie told Mitch he was like a birdgeway between death and reality, not quite dead yet but yet still alive. As you read the story and you can not help yourself get attatched to Morrie and feel the same greif Mitch feels as his former college passes away. They held a funeral for Morrie so the many people he had touched could say their final goodbyes. It was on a tuesday.


Tuesdays with Morrie made me look at life and how I live it. Morrie has a very differnt apporach to life, he is not afraid of death and he welcomes it with open arms. Morries look on life has to make you stop and wonder about how I live my life, what I value and what do I want to accomplish before I kick the bucket. In their tuesday talks together Morrie looks back on his life, at his family, at his accomplishments aswell.  As he looks foward on to death, he realises he has not that scared. Doctors have been telling him for the past 20 years that he will die so he is very prepared for the day he leaves. In this book the author trys to show us that death is an illusion that people get too caught up in. We are to busy worrying about the day when that moment finally comes rather then spending time with the people love in the moment we ilve in.


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