It is the year 2045 and the Virtual Reality world ‘The Oasis’ has become the new become the new reality. After his idol James  Hallidays passes away and leaves his forutante up for grabs, 18 year old Wade Watts has one mission on life. Finding Hallidays fortune. The path to finding this fortuane was finding the three hidden keys scattered throughout the thousands on planets in the oasis. When Parzival (Wades Oasis name) stumbles across the first key he is an national treasure. Many Gunters (Egg hunters, hunter of hallidays fortune) have been searching for this epic prize. He unites with his friends to defeat IOI and ‘top dog’ Sorrento.

One of the biggest themes in the addiciton. I am addicited to skiing, socialising with my friends and watching movies on my laptop. I am addicited immeadiate gradification, meaning I just wanna go skiing or go hang with my friends. This is similar to what happens in the Oasis. People in the year 2045 are addicted to the Oasis. They are addicted to being outside oasis because according to wade ‘the reality is, reality really sucks’. They need the immediate gratification of staying out of the real world, hiding from their problems behind the Oasis. I feel this a very similar problem our generation has. We love immediate gradification. We would much rather go down to the lake, have an ice cream and go swimming the day before a test, then stay till up until one in the morning rather then not going to the lake, studying and going to bed  at a reasonable hour. This is where the theme of Addiciton to immeadiate graddification is refleccted in todays society. People would rather have their rush of happinies rather then prolonging the inevitable.

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