21st February 2017


Spoken language is spoken more formally and has correct grammar compared to text language where people use more slang and talk lazily.


Sources: A text conversation and our transcript.



Spoken             Text

Laugh                Lol

Whaddre you doin       WUD


I believe that our spoken language is spoken more formally compared to text language. Texting has more slang and ‘lazy talk’ such as ‘wud, lol and hbu’ compared to talking to someone face to face, you wouldn’t say that.


Texting is a language developed since cellphones were born to reduce the amount of characters used and also so the person who you are texting can recieve the text faster. A whole new language has been born which has included few letters to make words IE Wud, what are you doing?


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  1. mahalo my dude

  2. What a great piece of writing
    This is awesome!!!

  3. Hi Ben,

    I’m now hoping to read and give feedback to everyone on their spoken language pieces – do you mind putting your completed draft on here for me to have a look at?

    Thanks kindly.



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