Tuesdays with Morrie tells the story of the a College professor and his student from over 20 years ago to have their final lesson. Their final lesson is the subject of death. 20 years ago Morrie was diagnosed with cancer. As he told many of his students as they left the university many weeped and […]

The Vibe It’s an early start for halfpipe training on a frosty July morning. It is still dark as I drag my stiff sleepy body out of the cafe onto the lift. I stand on top of the mountain, and breathe in the crisp cool air embracing me. I take in my surroundings as the […]

The Vibe, by Ben Harrington It was an early start for halfpipe training on the frosty July morning.  It was still dark as I dragged my stiff sleepy body out of the café onto the lift.  I stood on the top the mountain, and breathed in the crisp cool air swarming around me.  I took […]

Title: Chasing Mavericks Text type: Sports Authro: Brandon Hooper, Jim Meenah, Christine Meyani.     “Legend has to start somewhere.”  The legend of Jay Mortanity began in Sanata Cruz. This is the place where his love of surfing was born and bred. Jay Mortanity was a young 16 year old boy who lived and breathed […]

Characters: Malcom, Macduff, Doctor, Ross Location: England before the Kings palace. Malcom and Macduff brainstorm about scotlands  plight.  Malcom is afraid that Macduff is gonna betray him and turnhim over to Macbeth.  Both Malcom and Macduff are afraid that Stcotland is pretty screwed. Macduff and Malcom and all the english boys get ready to take […]