Title: Chasing Mavericks Text type: Sports Authro: Brandon Hooper, Jim Meenah, Christine Meyani.     “Legend has to start somewhere.”  The legend of Jay Mortanity began in Sanata Cruz. This is the place where his love of surfing was born and bred. Jay Mortanity was a young 16 year old boy who lived and breathed […]

Characters: Malcom, Macduff, Doctor, Ross Location: England before the Kings palace. Malcom and Macduff brainstorm about scotlands  plight.  Malcom is afraid that Macduff is gonna betray him and turnhim over to Macbeth.  Both Malcom and Macduff are afraid that Stcotland is pretty screwed. Macduff and Malcom and all the english boys get ready to take […]

Characters: Lady Macduff, Her Son, Rosse, Messenger and Murderers Location: Fife, a room in Macduff’s castle Lady Macduff tells Rosse that Macduff fleeing to england is cowardly and shows that he has no concern for his family. Rosse leaves and Lady Macduff discusses her husband with her son, who doesn’t want to believe that his […]

Characters: 3 witches, 3 apparitions, Hecate, Macbeth, Lennox Unknown Location: A cavern with a boiling cauldron in the middle The three witches and Hecate create a potion in the cauldron. Macbeth arrives and forces the witches to summon 3 apparitions. The three apparitions arrive and each tells Macbeth a different part of the future. Lennox arrives […]

Character: Lennox and the Lord Location: The palace Lennox thinks everythings a bit suspicious, Duncan being murdered, his sons being blamed and then finding Banqo. They call Macbeth a tyrant, and then note that Macduff has joined Malcolm in England.

Characters: First Witch, Hecate Location: A heath Hecate is mad due to the witches talking to macbeth without talking to her first but then she forgives them and says she will sort everything else out in the morning.

Characters: MACBETH, LADY MACBETH, ROSS, LENNOX Location: Palace The murderer tells MAcbeth that Banqou has been killed. Banqous ghost shows up during MAcbeths speech at the dinner table and he starts peaking and freaking out.